nDo, dDo and 3Do

30 Aug
nDo, dDo and 3Do

nDo, dDo and 3Do

I was tasked with creating a superhero model for my practice project, and here she is.

I decided early on in the concepts that I wanted to depict a female superhero with natural proportions; none of this big hips / small waist / big chest twisted at an awkward angle. So, I looked into the physique of women who body build. I’m really happy with how the model came out, in that respect.

When it came to creating the Normal map I bought nDo and learnt how to use it’s painting tools in Photoshop, coupled with the amazing 3Do. Really enjoyed this process, I learnt a lot about using this plugin, as well as more about where I like to go back to traditional methods.

I had a play with the materials that come with dDo, and the useful rendering and lighting tools available.

The image is one of the results, I later changed the colour palette of the materials – I’ll upload those properly to the portfolio page.

Next, I jump onto my City & Guilds assignment, which I have 4 months to complete; wish me luck!

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