“Stef Brooke-Harris is a cartoon illustrator and aspiring artist for the video games industry.”

I grew up watching my Dad in his Graphic Design profession. I used to go to work with him at a very young age; it was an exciting world of whirring printers, flashing scanners and endless hours of fun laminating whatever I could get my hands on. Ever eager to learn, with a graphics tablet in hand, I would draw cartoons and comics on MS Paint. I learnt a thing or two about the importance of layouts by the millimetre, typesetting and printing lines.

Technology has moved fast, and so has my proficiency with a pen. With a love of fantasy and sci-fi my passion for creation has no bounds with imagination, and with 3D packages, such as 3Ds Max and Maya, in hand; the possibilities are endless. I find great pleasure in designing creatures, worlds and painting a story; in my spare time I love to delve into a game experience.

I’m inspired by animals and nature, and like to depict the weird and the wonderful in my pieces; having a grounding in realism that isn’t afraid to branch out into the unknown.

When I’m creating digital paintings in Photoshop, akin to when I’m playing games, I like to explore, learn and seek adventure.

When I’m not painting, I’m writing, sculpting or sewing. I’ve self-published three novels to date, created a life-size emu out of wood and wire, hand-crafted fantasy outfits out of natural linen and leather, and cast figures for a home-brew boardgame out of pewter; to name a few things that I like to do.

After 5 years of QA Technician experience, I’m currently employed as a Games Master for SEGA Hardlight, and continue to pursue my passion to become an artist with an online Games Artist and Animator course.

For enquires or commissions please send an email to: artist@stefbrookeharris.com